How Statusly help users tackle Digital Distractions?

The digital distraction trap happens in businesses across all industries and affects workers of all age groups.

How many times have you been disturbed with a new slack notification (someone spams using @here ! BOOM) while you’re screen sharing in a Zoom call ?

It doesn’t stop with a message? Amidst Covid-19, most of the team standups and communication happens through SLACK. So there is always continuous stream of Slack messages…..

SLACK SLACK SLACK everywhere and it’s the only software that runs in my machine throughout the day! Damn! 😅

Few minutes later...

My Manager slacks me when I am just about to start my lunch 😑. Boss, it’s my lunch time please. I am hungry 🤔💭🌮

OMG ! Won’t my day get better ?

Here comes Statusly 🚀👏 to protect your time.

With Statusly you can configure your work time, lunch, break, focus time and more through powerful routines 🦾

Statusly gives your flexibility to automate your Slack status, away settings and DND settings in each routine. Now Statusly sets yourself away with DND on when you’re about to eat your rich meal. 🍽

With powerful Zoom and Google integrations, opens the possibility for Slack to mute itself when you’re in an important meeting or call.

We don't stop there, Statusly backs up you and follows up your daily schedule to remind you before the routine or calendar event is about to start.

We here at Statusly, strive hard to protect your focus and improve your productivity !

Statusly comes with a 14 day free trial and is priced lesser than a Starbucks coffee ☕️.

Give it a try to boost your productivity !

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